The Map of COM

The following is the mystical description of the design of the structure COM must take place in, and the spiritual process that unfolds as a result of one’s engagement in COM. Although it is poetic and metaphorical in nature, its purpose is to describe and guide an individual through the detailed acts of COM, and tells a step by step process that should be looked at similarly to an instruction manual. Just as the mystical experience cannot be described by logic or emotions alone, the map of COM combines these two seemingly opposing aspects to form one explanation to guide us in our self’s journey into itself: The Journey of COM

  1. From the antithesis of absence

  2. Within eternal void

  3. Plucked creations contradiction

  4. Void in the light

  5. Light in the void

  6. Omni-directional Infinity-mirror

  7. Held in the center of it’s countless axes: the will for perception

  8. And in the consecration of the self, grounds upon a sojourn form

  9. It expands out in 3 dimensions

  10. And maintains stability in the 12 pedaled rose-gord

  11. But the facets’ fascination still falls short

  12. Quests goal still hidden

  13. Cut short

  14. Question unfinished.

  15. The Continued uncertainty of the structure and steel.

  16. Quietly admits to it’s captain “I too am not real”

  17. So the ship remains unmoved, anchored in sands trickling hourglass, unknowable time

  18. And upon the skeletons stillness a spider spins its web.

  19. In dedication to the weaving string

  20. And mantra to self “running and returning”

  21. Now the Mast of Mind arise to sail toward sovereign shore

  22. Yet stranded still despite newly gained motion

  23. Horizon of possibility indistinguishable within the sun’s blinding glare

  24. But at the end of it’s journey across the sky

  25. Upon inversion of the westward mirror.

  26. Vesper’s night favoring sparkles bow to their concealer’s fading light vail.

  27. Now, Celestial navigation formed by coordination of shining bodies

  28. Their internetworking light-web projected upon the spiders screen.

  29. It draws it’s map in the meeting of the wind and sail and sea sailed upon

  30. Waves carved upon the hull which whisper the route toward the seekers goal.

  31. But despite it’s patterns and colors and hope for home,

  32. It cries out in desperation: “this beauty is not my own”

  33. It projects and reflects a communal intellect

  34. And creates and recreates in all places and states

  35. As it sits face to face in its unending bipolar interface

  36. And dances in binary, transmuting it’s form. absolute to void it decays.

  37. Returns again to spirals center point and fades

  38. And as drop returns to ocean, a bell chime glows throughout the sky

  39. Calling forth re-inversion, the chariot’s eastward rise

  40. Carry on soul galeon, you seeker, you sadhalk scintillating in the burning sand.

  41. Combine the desert and the ocean, the day and the night

  42. Now perceptions eye blooms open, awakened by the self’s journey to itself

  43. Mirror inverting mirror, form informing form

  44. Vessel in the compass, the seer in the seen.

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