And So Why Did YOU COMe

And So Why Did You Come?

Was it the calling beauty?

Was it that intricate fascination?

Could you even begin to describe it if you tried?

Maybe like a feeling or an intuition, but doubtfully communicated; certainly not with words like this

No, but it can certainly be depicted; created and displayed

So Is that the the thing calls you then? The ability to bring to form?

What use is form that does not deform, inform then reform on toward plexiform

Incomplete cried the call, evermore whispered perplexity

In union they sing: “an object perceived appears as perspective, but movement amongst it uncovers the form”

Trekking through the sensory systems the objects’ song gradually pollinates the mind

The intermingling of blooms conspires coordination to oppose the corrupting constrictions

They contrast and compare and compound toward new formation

As motion and volution rise, conception exists simultaneously between many states

So what movements did that image want to preform?

What colors did that voice just weep?

What was the angle the object saw when placed in the center of the room?

And how then do you properly light the sounds that surround it?

The clarity of the expressed increasingly reliant upon a collaborative assistance

And just as well the task at hand expands

But most of all the will fulfills, and repeats upon itself in motion toward the source of the self

What was the call but a wake up call, what was your question but a realization?

And so then what was the falling feeling that woke you from your confused sleep?

And so then what is that restless feeling that guides your creative hand as it extends itself?

And so what then is that soaring feeling you get when you grasp another’s creative hand?

If you think you know you should walk away now

If you’re convinced you don’t know you should do the same

But if you’re answer is unfinished step back and look around

There’s quite a lot to be seen in this big art labyrinth compound

Much more than 6in of cell between skulls can perceive

The more we see the more questions arise, a quarry on a mirror, infinity’s creative eye



Perceiver of matter,


Informing form,

Inform what matters in current matters form: creativity

It’s all right there in front of you, and yet nobody’s thought of it yet

If they had you’d have remained a spectator

But that wouldn’t cut it, more could be done

Something else was needed from the perspective of one

To bring new perspective to many, the reaffirmed calling question repeats:

What was the falling restless soaring force that pulled your mind to the art and the art from your mind?

What maintains this sway from failure to masterpiece?

What is the thing only you can provide?

And so why are you here?

And so why did you come?

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