AD-VENT (a film by Jack Krasnow)


A film by Jack Krasnow I did the sound for.


Jack was a very good friend of mine our first year in the dorms at CalArts. He spent the majority of the second semester working on his first year film for the Experimental Animation program. He came to me a few weeks before the end of the semester to ask for my help with the sound for the film. He had a very detailed idea of what he wanted, but need help navigating a DAW and realizing the sound. I loved his work so I quickly accepted, but when I asked when it was due he told me he had less than 48 hours. I told him that wasn’t much time, but I’d love to help as much as I could. I had seen him working with recording and sound design that semester, so I asked how much of the sound was done, to which he replied “about 45 seconds…and the film is 4:30.” So we got right to work. Over the next 48 hours we pulled a marathon session where he viciously directed me on designing and composing the sound to fit the ideas he associated with the film. This project taught me so much about the concept of translating between mediums, as the words he would use to describe what he wanted often didn’t make as much sense to my audio oriented brain. Yet with persistence we were able to complete it in time for the premiere, where it was received wonderfully by his classmates. This project has always stuck out to me, because it’s prooved that sometimes amazing work can result from frantic necessity. 

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