A Joke or a Song?

I am constantly terrified

Afraid I will bring shame holy name

Trapped in fear of lack of gratitude and that I will not speak the praise your honor deserves

How comedic you must find my ignorance

How could I forget your name when it is spoken in all words

How can I have lost my way when all paths lead to you

How can I not see when all of creation is reflecting your light

So what is the joke you play on me

The prank to convince me of myself

I’m chasing my tail and yet filled with joy from the rounds of my feet

It can’t be sin to be confused when it breeds a desire so pure for you

What drop had release without tension

What story of beauty without dispar

I know I’m running to be where I already am

But the unfolding path before me breeds metaphor after metaphor for you

Exhausted and fading I quicken my pace still

And press on till collapse, then fall to the ground

And erupt in laughter, in a daze I see it so clearly now

This mind is a dance, this experience a freefall

A joke or a song? the difference means little, just play along.

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