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COM: Mysticism for the Digital Age


Since the birth of humanity, mystics have tried to experience and understand the fundamental nature of our reality. They seek a realm of things beyond which words and the worldly  senses can describe, for it is both the perception and the thing that one perceives. Their goal is a unified state of these two, where the egotistical-self is given up to awaken an awareness of the creative energy of the true-self.

Through the ages mystics have taken countless forms, from shamans to monks to everyday people. They use the tools of their time to attempt to describe the way and beauty of the spiritual journey. This could be anything from poetry, art, or music to psychedelic drugs, to something as simple as gardening. No matter what way they choose, the destination is the same: true expression of their consciousness. This is no easy journey, the world is filled with countless things that hold us back from realizing our potential in life. Yet mystics create spaces to escape from these chains, and elevate themselves and others to a higher state of of spiritual freedom.

In the modern age, this tradition continues. A growing movement of transcendent festivals is rising, breathing new life into the timeless mystical flame. New inventions created by a  collective mind of many individuals allow us to spread the awareness like never before, and show us things mystics have seen in visions for thousands of years. Yet there is a problem, the illusion of separation has snuck into our spiritual shelter. A festival has so many different things that add to it, things like music, visual art, instillation experiences, consciousness workshops, and so many more. Yet in many cases they are separated. You might go to a workshop, then look at some art, then dance the night away. Even though all of these bring awareness, they are split up in our minds as different experiences. If our goal is to feed the connecting force of all experience, shouldn’t all these experiences in that single experience of the festival be tied together?  How do we make it easier for one to contemplate and question while they’re dancing, as well as jam out while they’re listening to a yoga instructor?

The goal of COM is to bridge the gap between these experiences. It does this with a three step process: Communication, Combination, and Community. This takes shape in three forms: The first is an explanation and workshop about how we can use technology to show up the patterns of the universe, the second is an audio visual experience created using these patterns, and the third is interaction with audience members so that they can see with their own two eyes that they are able to use these patterns of the universe to create beauty.

The first step, Communication, brings together all who wish to understand what it is they see projected in front of them, and what they will see projected in light later that night. COM uses live computer generated visuals, which follow the same mathematical formulas that our physical universe does, and with the help of modern technology, we are now able to visualize the very patterns which we are created by. These patterns would be very familiar to a mystic from any age, as in many cases they look very similar to things they saw in visions and meditations. We use many visualizations of patterns in the universe, such as vibrations of harmonic frequencies like sound, or simulations of cells growing, so that the patterns one sees projected on the screen are the same that they see when they look away at the rest of the world.

With a greater awareness of what they’re seeing, the second step, Combination, takes the viewer into a more interconnected state, where they can both reflect upon the fundamental nature that creates our being and witness the beauty they create in all of its glory. Not only is are the visuals and music psychedelic in feeling, but also literally reflect the inter-connective awareness of the psychedelic state. And just as that experience is not limited by dimensions, COM should not be either, so the visuals will be 3D projection mapped onto a structure based on the math of the universe. The structure will fill the viewers vision, from many angles, and truly reflect the encompassing and encapsulating feeling of the psychedelic experience.

But the goal of the mystic goes further than the psychedelic experience, it is totally erasing the separation between the self and what is seen. So in it’s third phase, Community, COM uses touch screen interfaces, cameras, and other technologies to allow audience members to interact and create the visuals they are seeing in an intuitive and natural way. Playing with fluid simulations for example allows one to mix and change the form of liquids in a way that is as easy as running your hand across a pond, but gives the ability to create magical morphing potions only available to the wisest of alchemists in the past. Here the line between artist and audience is blurred to the point of non-existence, transforming the experience to a state where there is creator or created, no self or ego, just love flowing and beautiful creation coming from it.

Right now COM is just spreading it’s wings, and is in need of help if it is to grow. We need spaces to spread our message and experience, and are looking for festivals and gatherings in the southwest of America.  We are looking to take a pilgrimage through the land to excite and explore with others at mystical gatherings of all shapes and sizes. In an attempt to avoid the corruption of money and share our experience with as many people as possible, we offer our work free of charge. We do however humbly accept donations to help us get to the next gathering and continue our pilgrimage.  

If you think you can help us on our journey in any way please feel free to contact me at:








An example of what the visuals might look like can be found here:



You can listen to the album I will be preforming here:




You can learn more about the visuals we use and the code of the universe here:

The System of 1->3->7->12: Kabbalah, Western Tonal Theory, and the Future of Visualizing Sound Pt.3

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