The System of 1->3->7->12 (Pt.3): The Future of Visualizing Sound


Multi-Dimensional Views of Sound


It is a bit difficult to visualize different dimensions. Because we are in the third dimension, we have to visualize other dimensions relative to another dimension. For example, our first model is a 1 dimensional model of sound (a line or wave), visualized in the second dimension (on a square plane). Yet what they show bares striking similarity to what mystics and those in the psychedelic experience have seen for thousands of years. Enjoy these computer models of how waveform’s work. You can play with them, and  many more here:


1 Dimensional Waves

These, as I said, are 1 Dimensional Waves, visualized in a 2 Dimensional space. Whenever they hit the walls or each other, they create harmonics or new frequencies. The kaleidoscopic pattern is familiar to anyone has undergone the psychedelic experience.







2 Dimensional Waves

Next we have 2 Dimensional Waves, visualized in a 3 Dimensional environment. You can imagine this like dropping a pebble into a pond and watching that water ripple. If you’ve ever seen Cymatics or playing music through water, it looks like this. One a fun thing for anyone who has ever used Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic, Fruity Loop, or any other DAW:

When I turn this model on it’s side, that’s what you see when you see sound on a computer (as a waveform)





We can also see what it looks like when the source of the sound is in a different part of the square.





3 Dimensional Waves


(These are my favorite)

The final category is Visualizing what sounds actually looks like in the air. Here we have a sample cube of the third dimension, made up of lots of little squares. Each square represents a single air molocule. The colors represent the air vibrating between the highest point of the wave (the red) to the center point of the wave (the yellow) to the lowest point of the wave (the green).




I think these are very similar to the Net of Being by Alex Grey. I find it interesting that a mystic might see the same thing as a scientific computer model.




The next ones are the same 3 Dimensional process but inverted (reversed)









These ones remind me a lot of the Alex Grey piece Theologue






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