Journey of the 10 Sefirot

At the boundary of understanding, out of the incomprehensible nothingness: a starting gun is fired, holy marathon begins.

Explosion limitless and unified, intuitive expansion enters maternal vessel. Reflecting endlessly upon itself within great palace of mirrors, density of light increases.

Light transmutes to form, and from form informing form, consciousness arise. Yet  Awareness ineffable within finities grasp; so by choking hand of mortality, exit divine realm.

Stranded in the sea of Infinite articulates, invisible line of knowledge spurs creative patterns in the waves.

Patterns sing memories of the source now scarce, love of song now plants seeds of necessary connection. Watered with kindness, a dance of expansion sprouts; reminding of the ever reflecting soul.

Yet rhythm is imperfect; varying wills juxtaposed. Through discipline, drummers and dancers find Harmony in restraint; find love in the separation.

With filtered will still flowing, great central point arise. Words from heaven, music from speakers, memories of kether return. Revealing communion, inspiring compassion. Beauty blossoms by endlessly stirring infinity’s ¬†colors.

Now the farmer reaps the ripened crop from it’s constricting earth prison. It shall feed it who it should thank for life, and it’s nourishment will fuel the farmer into the eternal cycle of sow and reap.

With full belly, the observing being begins to contemplate. With mind’s eye gazing at sky, earth prison out of view: the reward of discipline presented.

Arms outstretched to converge with gift, yet anticipatory hands remain empty. Instead passionless chains are shattered. Freed from binding birthright, ability of movement now achieved.

In aching exploration of range of motion, object finally placed. In left a pallet: equipped with all colors and tones, in right a brush: with light endlessly flowing from the shaft to eyes of beholder.

In exit of emancipator, a final gift left behind: An unending emptiness; the canvas to which the light will flow from gift to eye, from eye to mind, and from mind to light again; exiting the prism in endless rainbows.

And the rainbow is from the pallet, and the rainbow is from brush, and the rainbow is from the artist, and the rainbow is from the gift, and the thoughts are of the rainbow, and the experience is from the rainbow, and the beauty depicts the rainbow, and the discipline focuses the rainbow, and the love is for the rainbow.

But the rainbow is of the refraction.

And as the refraction is the meeting of the water and the light, so are you, oh dance of the starlight ash and the earthly waters.

Look into the painting, your own reflection staring back. Now Pick up the brush and paint yourself a pilgrimage back into the mirror.

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