Grandmother’s Heirloom Echoing Up From The Death Ground

And now i must leave you in this form

Just as i did before you were born

But life flows down the family tree

On it goes, stemming back to unity

And from that sunlight which i ascend

From roots grow message to you i send

Earth and water to fill your holes

A seed, a center point between two poles

Two points of death, where your father cried

And in mother’s witness, your knot tied

The logic chamber through which emotion flows

This state, this being, all things, all knows

The cause of tears your warning sign

My son’s hopeless logic, logicless hope mine

But between the death grounds lies your life

Your gift, your purpose, infiniti’s sight

Tell of the visions with your holy tool

My sister’s gift, the six pointed school

Keep in balance their worldly weight

In it’s center go forth grandchild, create

The song of all for all to hear

And in that song i’m always here

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