Reality is of detail, so move leftist toward Nuance.

From Process of realization, come process collectivization.

If objectivity one, but perspective many, communal exchange expands sympathetically into detail.

Discourse commence to nourish growth.

From this discourse: Praxis

From this praxis: Revolution

But application abstruse

From many voices many causes, many methods of attack

Yet product of utter Victory homogeneous:

With hierarchy disassembled, disproportion inherently unsustainable.

A Hierarchy is fueled by division: defining characteristic of Right.

Sectarianism stagnates the momentum of the many

Without Unity, Left is left powerless

Cursed to Wander aimlessly, alone, while the enemy gains strength.

Disassociated comrades must sing incipient call to arms.

The Reforging of their causes’ vital Alliance

At first call is sung where only self can hear

But it is still sung to You.

And soon we will hear each other’s calls

so Upon approach, focus tuning towards Collective intonation

and Upon re unification, harmonious choir form in solidaric celebration

But i will not be attending

For I is not of the Revolution


pronoun of ego

A Single line enclosed by walls

Walls which block the call from it’s destination

And the destination is You


A single line united

Extension of expansion undefined.

A Single characteristic: Parabolic

A singularity spreading out from a single point defined.

You is a pronoun of reaching out

An interaction with the outer world

And so when U hears the call from I, let the I become the U

For Revolution is this very process:

True commitment to the praxis of communal Covenant

Let this be our battle cry, lest we forget

In unity life, in division death

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