ImU by Corrupt Catalyst

  I          m           U

 /ˈaɪ/                       /ˈæm/                          /ˈju/



ImU is a collection of music I made between January and August of 2017 while studying at CalArts. I had basically stopped making music for over a year because of school and things in my personal life, but after a big shift at the start of the new year I started pooping out some of the best music I’ve ever made. I explored many different methods of emotional expression and production techniques to attempt to venture out in as many directions and my perception would let me.  Many of the tracks were started as collaborative efforts between me and my studio and housemate Odie. I often would take ideas or loops from our sessions and expand upon them into larger compositions. There are also collaborations with Boi, The Patient, Aevum, and Medrano. A big thanks to them and all the countless amazing people who send so much love and inspire me to create in the first place.


Ancestral Particles


Paradox Clocks


Uninformed Uniform


The Subject’s Objective


The Desert’s Gnaw


Giant Sequoia Fire


Defragging the Synapse


Eye Staring at an Eye Within an i


Monody for the Momentary Mirror


Oxymoronic Sensations


Patrick’s Gift at Can’-Ka No Rey


Final Contemplation’s of a “Mortal” Man


Milk of the Sun


Download .wav Here (HD)

Download .mp3 Here


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