Love’s Departure Back Across The Ocean (Abbie’s Poem)

In deafening hall of suppressive voices, sounds of songs subdue the static.

From response to music’s call, Traveler of foreign land converge with traveler of foreign mind.

Hand outreached by merge of gaze, palms united by spark of flame.

Fire spreads through kindness’s kindling, burning away internalized exoskeleton.

Emerge the remaining, self spripped of inauthentic void. Naked. Vulnerable.

Engage in dance neither reminded nor taught, trustful trapeze triumphs over tamasic tendencies.

Through cyclical restoration of value, fresh perspective gained; focused, unfiltered, pure.

And on the summit of experience exchange,atop the consequence of continental collision, time forks the recently unified road.

And just as travelers’ journey stemmed from the colossal separation, the death call, their paths must diverge to advance.

Yet just as the adventure bred new life, so it will again. for the connection was forged from distance, and now it will grow through distance.

Weeping but fearless, with the parting of lips, communion turns to Hermitage. But even over prime-meridional distance, connection remains unscathed, singing silently.

Solitude not separation.

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